Another sales newbie looking for a holy grail


New to roofing sales…first company I “worked” for was involved in illegal stuff…company I currently am with is totally by the book.

Still getting over that uneasy feeling of knocking on doors, yet am a gamer and will do what I have to to be successful at this.


Am in Englewood Colorado


learn it
live it
love it
believe it
sell it


Ill give you the biggest secret to making more money in roofing than you ever imagined…

you ready for it???

He who knocks the most… sells the most!

Sales is just a numbers game… if you knew for every 10 doors you knocked on you would sell one roof without a doubt… how many would you knock on in a day?


I appreciate the information thus far provided and will heed this advice.


There is no such thing as a holy grail to teach you how to sell. Either you can speak well and be fast on your feet along with knowing what you are talking about or you dont. If you are storming then it should be easy as long as you can get trust from the customer. If you can not earn trust you will not sell period. I disagree with 1 out of 10 theory. I have never got that high of a ratio that even wanted an estimate and i did that for a living for awhile. More like 1 in 25 or something like that. Leave me your email address and i will forward something that might help. I hope i dont get everyone and their brother doing it again.


read …sun tzu’s
The Art of War

or The greatest salesman in the world…
by Joe Girard


You have to have confidence in your product and in yourself. Customers will see that when you speak and trust you and your abilities.


I was just using it as an example… you are probably correct on your number if you are just writing estimates. If your selling in a storm and you dont get 1 out of 10 you may want to consider a career change.


Never did storm work.