Another DIY Question

i have a small shed(4X6) attached to my garage. The roof of the shed pitches away from the garage. The roof is even on the garage side but pitches away less that what it should. I was told by someone that when i reshingle i should put water and ice dam under the roof instead of felt paper. I was looking at a product at home depot today called weather guard. It looked like asphalt with a sticky backing. Would this be good to use under the asphalt shingles instead of felt or is there something better it is a very small area.

Grace Ice & water shield is the best product for this application.
It is the real deal and it works, the others are cheap imitations.
You may need to go to a lumberyard or roofing supplier to find it.
It costs roughly $100 per 2 sq roll and is well worth it.

is there any other products that comes in a smaller quantity.

If it’s a non-insulated shed you don’t need ice & water. 1 roll standard 15# felt will do the trick.


The shed is actually connected to the garage so the shed roof continues from the garage like a leanto. It is not heated but my major concern is that the shed roof does not have much pitch


Did the roof work before? If so why will it not work this time?

it did leak a little where the shed meets the garage, but i think it is because the shingles on the garage were in poor shape. Maybe with new shingles it will be ok??

Time for a photo

If you ask me, there is no sense if buying a roll of Grace IWS, the stuff from Home Depot should be fine for a shed roof. Of course, I can’t say that I’d go to that extreme, and I’d probably just use felt. The important thing is to ensure you are properly tied-in to the side of the garage, and all the flashings are watertight. If you have the shed roof abutting a wall on the garage, you may want to install something like IWS along the transition. Make sure your apron flashing extends up behind the exterior wall (Hardie, masonite, brick, aluminum, etc.), and any building paper (Tyvek, felt, etc.) behind the wall substrate. Your tie-in will be the most important part of your shed roof.

Ice and water shield is sold in 1sq, 1.5sq, and 2sq rolls.

Personally I only buy and install the Certainteed Winterguard in the 2sq rolls. They do make a 1sq roll but it’s a lot more cardboard and rolls to deal with.