Another Certainteed class action?

I have noticed that I have had 2 failures on two different types. First was a CT-20 and the next is the Landmark 40. Both have the same problem people in the class are having. Poor sealing. I watched on a windy day in South Texas, CT’s flapping in the wind. There is no sealing what so ever. I’ve recently sent in the packet for warranty, don’t even ask me about that fiasco with Certainteeds tech, we’ll see what happens. These I steer all customers away from CT roofing.

I watched both videos.

The one from the guy in Boston was having an “Expert” point out supposed granule erosion in a valley and a dead valley against the wall where the lower roof abuts the upper story wall. I saw bottom edge wearing and loss of granules, only along the bottom edge of those cheap shingles. No photos were clear enough to reveal any additional damage to my eye in that video.
Those shingles were CT XT 20.

The one from the family in Shakopee contained only 7 mushroom vents on the entire roof. The front side was in good condition, while the rear, which I must presume was the Southern Exposure was brittle and crumbling. It contained vented soffit panels on every 1 out of 3 or 4 panels at the eave edge overhangs, but I could not see it clearly enough to be certain.
These shingles were CT XT 25’s.

Even the news agency reported that this particular brand was not a part of the previous class action litigation. The shingles that have been reported to be under the class action are purportedly not manufactured any longer, according to sources quoted.

As with any installation, the “Minimum” specifications must be adhered to, which I did not see evidence of, from the brief roof top videos. The blame can be assessed as much on the builder-architect, or original roofing contractor for these issues.


Certainteed is also very specific about cold installs. They will not honor any warranty issues (wind strip related) if it was a winter install and the shingles weren’t tabbed with sealant.