Animal Hospital Roofing

I have an animal hospital client that is designing a new building in an urban setting that has two outdoor terraces for the dogs to relieve themselves. We’ve designed a 1/4" per foot sloped concrete slab with TPO roofing and a series of crickets to route urine & water to drain inlets and then level pavers on pedestals for the walking surface. The owner is now concerned about the maintenance required to keep the roof surface sanitary. He’s worried about smell, bacteria, etc. coming from the space between the roof surface & underside of pavers. He wants us to find better alternates. Any suggestions?

A copper flat panel roof, spray it with a hose every once and a while.

I can’t think of a roofing membrane that is designed to be anti-bacterial, nor any that are designed to be urinated on…
Foot traffic from animals with claws can’t be good for TPO.
Perhaps Sarnafil, it is pretty tough stuff.

I agree. The pavers were to serve as the walking surface, not the TPO. TPO was recommended as the most resistant to urine…

I pee on em all the time no problem.

i would try making some kind of grass area were they
could put the animals and they could got to the bathroom.
build it out of wood , put a liner in it and
sod it.


An IB system will be all you need 80 mills has chem guard great pvc product.And warranty is good to with some walk pads and your in.