AmFam denying replacement benefit

Looking for some guidance,

I am currently assisting a customer with there insurance claim. Carrier is American Family. Property damages are storm related. Customer made contact with their agent 10 months after the date of loss. The town had quite a bit of damage sustained throughout so work was plentiful and ongoing still today. She was instructed to first have a contractor verify damages. 2 weeks later the claims process had been started (roughly 10 1/2 months past date of loss). Approval and funding were received 3 weeks after the year mark. COVID-19 played a part in the delay. We all completely understood that part. AmFam is now telling her because the REPAIRS were not complete before the 1 year anniversary of the date of loss she has forfeit her replacement cost benefit. Her agent is telling her policy states she has a year to contact, and the same year to complete repairs. Anyone who does this work knows the claims process takes time , and those 2 deadlines CAN NOT justifiably land on the same physical date. We’re in Indiana. Are there laws in place that allow her a fair amount of time to have damages repaired? Also, does the NAIC set regulations that protect her from getting scammed out of her replacement cost benefit even though she had initiated her claim well under the “one year mark” that seems to be the standard minimum. I know enough to know when a homeowner is being slighted. Some ppl have no clue they have damage for months, if ever. In Some areas a contractor can take a considerable amount of time to even get to all homeowners with damages After a storm. A claim being initiated 8 weeks under a year, then the process extending past the year mark resulting in a policy holder losing their RC benefit seems very unfair to me.

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

That’s bullshit and AmFam knows it. File a complaint with the IN DOI, I believe Darkthirty provided a link. This is something I’d contact an Attorney about if necessary. AmFam is deplorable and shouldn’t get by with this kind of crap.

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