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Just wondering if anyone on the forum here has been dealing with AllState during this pandemic.

In just the last week I have had AllState do denials, both 1st and 2nd inspections, for hail damage on two separate properties with the exact same response from the adjusters. They state “Not enough collateral damage to justify the roof claim”.

Regardless of the fact that there is evidence, provided in pictures and shown on site, which they say is not hail related or not enough damage they, both 2nd inspector adjusters, have stated that you can get an appraiser and we can get an appraiser and we can also bring an engineer out, at the customer’s expense.

It appears to me that the field adjusters are working off of a script and doing blanket denials.

Be interested to know if any one else in Texas has been experiencing this.



Have you try to mark all the hail spot and put in real number? I have done it once just 1 week ago with Allstate. They denied in the first time, the second time they approve for repair. Then I go up there mark every single damages and write down the number of damages on the roof, take a closed picture of about 10 spot on each surface and wide picture of the whole surface. Then they send out the third inspector and I make them walk with me and show me which one they consider as a hail damage and which is not on the steep roof (8:12). Then they approve for everything (gutter, solar screen, roof, siding, garage door, and even repaint the fascia)

Thank you for the response. Yes, we have marked all the hail hits, > 8, on each side of the roof. The responses are consistent between the adjusters/inspectors acroos both properties and different homeowners. They claim either shingle blisters and/or mechanical, intimating that someone physically altered the roof to look like hail hits even though there are Hail Trace maps to show that the property was impacted by a hail storm on the reported date of loss. They then inform their customer, the homeowner, that they can get an appraisal done and AllState can get an appraisal done to compare and that they, AllState, could also have an engineer come out and look at the roof.

It is really scandalous what they are doing. Anyone have any more feedback as it may be time to go the legal route.

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Just another excuse for Allstate to deny a roof. We run in to these type of denials all the time in Texas but appraisal is expensive for the home owner and only 50% chance of winning. So I advise staying away from appraisal. Allstate fights us all the time on their denials but we do not give up until they pay. If you need help with any denials let me know.

Why 50% chance of winning Appraisal? If weather event data is solid and legitimate damage documentation is there, it should get awarded by going with an expert appraiser on the side of the policyholder. It does suck that the policyholder has to shell out money to do what the insurance carrier should have paid for to begin with. They pay their premiums and then have to pay to prove it and that is wrong all day long.

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You only have 8 or a few more per slope and you expect to get an approval from Allstate? You shouldn’t have ever agreed to work that claim. You’re very fortunate with Allstate to get a slope approved if there are 10 hail hits per test square.

Appraisal is generally $1,000. If an Umpire is required, that can be $1500 up more. There is a minimum of a one month delay up to a year. Appraisal and PA’s are an added unnecessary expense in most cases. And the PA or Appraiser make no guarantees for the results. Yes, it can work out well. But it can also be avoided if the Contractor understands how to do things properly themselves.

Look at things like age of roof and repairability