All these trades and "No Complexity"


Well here we are again getting overhead and profit denied by SF. With the hail to the point of needing full 80 sq roof replacement, full gutters, aluminum window wraps, paint, and finally, all of their exterior light posts have to be replaced. So as a general contractor we are going to hire the following:

Repair expert for the window wraps

Anyone see a solid point as to why overhead and profit would not be included? and why this project is not “complex or require coordination”




Go to the homeowner and tell them if they want you to manage all those trades, you need to be paid O and P. Let them fight for it. O and P is a privilege for the homeowner to allow them to hire a general contractor to manage all the trades. Let them go fight for it.

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I agree. Whenever I’ve been in this situation I’ve consulted with my homeowner.



State Farm is notorious for not wanting to pay O&P. After all, they were the 1st carrier
to state that roofing was not a trade. Again my advise is to threaten them with appraisal. If the scope is defined, and all it is is pricing and O&P, most appraisal panels will award
it. Especially if they are using Xactimate. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.



Even if the GC O&P is included appraisal it doesn’t necessary mean that the insurance company owes it. The damage still has to be covered under the policy and on the date of loss that it was reported.

If O&P wasn’t “complex” enough before the appraisal it is highly unlikely that the insurance company would include it after the appraisal. Some states appraisal is only for the scope of damages and some include both scope and/or price. Good Luck



Look for damage on a window frame to justify replacement. Supplement for the window frame, then justify O&P because you had to coordinate interior and exterior work on the window.



What is unfortunate is that the homeowners pay for O&P as it is included in their premiums. I’ve even sent signed contracts from the homeowner stating that they feel the job warrants O&P as we are having to sub out all of the work etc. With SF I just stay patient and sometimes by the 3rd or 4th person I speak to they are occasionally willing to approve O&P or other line items but I almost always have to escalate the situation to do so.

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