Again anyone with vertical soldering tricks?


I have been currently putting the tip of the iron in the seam laying a bead and drawing it in slowly but I want a technique that will make all my joints look more uniform?


Lay the iron on the fold just back from the seam. Apply the solder to the seam. Patience is key.

If I get time this week, maybe I’ll make a video.

Maybe. :slight_smile:


Theres another Tinner on here thats really good too.Hmmm just trying to think of his name…It’ll come to me :idea:


Dennis right. Just stay 1/4" back from the front of the seam. 6-9" every 30 minutes is about normal. There is no speed in sweating.
I am looking in a 1# acetylene soldering iron kit that’s supposed to maintain more heat in cold weather.

It’s so cool here, I went back to my 5#'ers.


That’s pretty much what I do your saying lay the iron on the high side draw the solder in the joint but it seems to get the metal a little hot what size bar do you guys use for verticals I’m using 1/4 lb and some spool but joint does open a little in the midst of doing it that way


I use the 1 pounders. You have to let the metal continue to draw the solder AFTER you’ve moved on with the iron.
I try to start on the bottom, and when it starts drawing, I move the iron, but not the bar upwards.

My work isn’t always pretty because I allow myself to get impatient after a while.

He’s atutorial from my site, though it was only flat. It may help.


I just updated that page a bit. You might have to refresh the page.