AG metal roofs. Can they be trusted on residential??


Hello, new around here.

Ive read that AG metal has it’s issues, and many would only consider it for AG buildings. But then there’s allot of people that swear by it… And my buddy has a bunch of it for 1/2 price.

The issues I’m finding are screws backing out due to more than 1/4" of expansion contraction in 10’ in Iowa, and how the horizontal wooden battens don’t ventilate unless you install a grid… A little condensation wont hurt anything imo as long as there is a ventilated vertical air space, which horizontal battens cant provide.

About those two main drawbacks… Ive read Serrated type AB sheet metal screws, combined with stainless steel 18/8 bonded neo EPDM sealing washers is a good way to prevent the screws from backing out. It’s to bad I cant find any roofing screws with good sealing washers that are actually Serrated though! Then doubling the battens to provide good vertical air flow could also give me my missing overhang and soffit vent.

Anyway, Im wondering how the members here feel about AG metal roofs. And if the steps Ive mentioned would give me a good trusted roof for the next 30 years? Or should I use a good class 4 shingle like malarkey legacy or gaf armorshield II?



I used to bash them every time a customer brought up the idea of installing one. But so many other people in my area love to promote them because “metal roofs last forever!!!”. I figured if you can’t beat them, join them. I now install them when asked but I make it clear how I feel about them. Which is, they work and if done properly you should have a leak free roof for maybe 20 years. They are still just a budget roof kinda on par with low end shingles and I would never install one on a house I own.

That is if your post was actually legit or you were just looking to promote that website…


Haha… No. Im all about best bang for your buck, and time spent…

I’m all about low cost, but I don’t think anything short of adding another layer of 2x4 vertical battens on top of the existing trusses before the horizontal row, and a foil faced bubble condensation barrier before the metal would suffice… and let 2x4s hang over 12" and add a much needed overhang… But now we are probably talking about as much $ as the malarkey’s, or more…

Here,s some weathertechs screws