Aerial view prices

I’m chasing leaks on a 3600 SQ commercial building with different roof systems, dividers, and elevations. I need an aerial map only for reference with accurate measurements and surface features. What company is cheapest, yet accurate?

Google earth. Accuracy depends on your take off.

Thanks Don, I’m not good at computers. Found a site that lets you build your own takeoffs with their system. Eagle view is wanting $100+, and all I need is a surface map with penetrations and accurate measurements for reference.

Anything you decide to use just go out and verify a few of the measurements in the field to make sure.

I’ve re-roofed a couple hundred sq of it so I can check against that. It’d take at least a day to lay it all out on paper with a tape. They gave me 33 leaks the other day to chase. Walkthrough doesn’t help much when you hit the roof!

Aerial measurements can be great but I always verify a few sides. From my experience if some measurements are correct they all should be but others on here most likely use them a lot more than I do and dispute that. Most jobs we do are under 100 square and I prefer field measurements. I use aerials on steeper stuff mainly.

I rarely do steep anymore, too damn old! Repairs on flat roofs are mainly what I’m doing nowadays. All the past experience comes into play, and I learn something new almost daily. If i’m re-roofing a section, I’ll walk it and run a tape. No rotten deck surprises is good. Re-flashed a 4" drain last week, had a 2 1/2" retrofit jammed into a 3" retrofit, neither one was installed correctly. Pried it all out with a floor bar and now it’s a 4" again…

you can do it yourself and you can use bing images for free or pay premium about $4 per better image. If you decide you pay $10 and they will do the report for you. This app is mainly for steep but you can used to figure it out your commercial jobs. Good Luck

Try eagleview, very accurate drawings, $35 to $85.

Not for 3600 SQ commercial

GIS tax data has a measurement tool function. Just as accurate as an Eagleview, but without the cost.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Google Earth Pro lets you measure yourself and is free. This is usually accurate for 1 and 2 story flat roofs.

Eagleview is not very helpful on the commercial take off side. It does not usually break down areas like you would like on a flat roof as it uses elevation to determine roof sections.

Best advice is to use google earth. I usually make an outline on blank paper based off google earth and then fill in the details walking the site.

Skytek Imaging is very affordable for a commercial job.

Thanks! I’ll put them on the list. Currently working with Roofr, want to see if they will perform.

Google Earth’s measurement tool is very accurate and free. I’ve been using it for the last year on residential bids and material orders. Just need to outline the house and it gives you the area of the footprint. Multiply area given by the pitch factor measured on site and you have roof area. Results have been just as good or better than measuring the roof. You could easily use this to help draw a general layout for your repairs.

When I’m hunting a leak in 8 acres of gravel, general ideas help!