Advise on terraces


Got a terrace roof with leaks.
What material do you all recommend to re-do the floor/roof on this terrace provided it’s use as outdoor leaving area? Would any of these work? What’s better for terraces?

-MFM Peal & Seal aluminum roll roofing

-waterproof- underlayment;
-090 EPDM

Any advise would definitely help.


Is there a deck over the roof or is it exposed to foot traffic?


i assume that a terrace would have foot our part of the world .a 2ply SBS torch on with concrete pavers layed over top is the way to go. its a bit pricey but do it once and be done with it. just make sure your drainage is adequate


Yes, the terrace is used as deck/balcony family gathering area…


I like Dec-King, Deck-Rite, stuff like that.


I lived in south Jersey for years. On Long Beach Island they did tons of roof top fiber glass decks.Most were the entire main roof.I knew and worked for a short time with a guy ,that is all he did.We would cut into the roof on older homes,and build these decks with stairs to the roof. They screwed 3/4 ply wood,bondo body filler for screw holes,resin,glass cloth,and final color coated resin w/ slight sand mixed in for surface traction. Tons of sanding in the process also…Going rate was 48.00 per sq. ft. 18 yrs ago.
I have no idea how they held up, but I would imagine like a boat, they would last at least 30 yrs…also easy to repair, and recolor…