Advice on Storming - Opportunity


I’ve spent the last month reading through this forum. I have learned a lot about the industry. I am finding it difficult however to identify storming companies. More specifically I am hoping to find the best ones according to my understanding of what is optimal. It seems to me the most important decision is who I choose to work for. Help making that choice and being suggested or connected to the right Stormer people or organization(s) is the purpose of this post.

I have 12 years of sales experience. I think I can make a lot in roofing sales. From everything I’ve learned there is big opportunity in “Storming” for the right person. I think I am the right type of person. I can sell anything I believe in, I won’t hesitate to knock on doors day and night if that’s what it takes, I want to work long hours with no distractions other than making the sale, I’ll go anywhere.

From what I have learned from veteran posts on this site I think it is possible to find a Stormer organization that pays well, is really aggressive, is mobile (goes to where the work/money is), is great on the insurance side, has good products, does good work, can keep up with high sales volume, and has a good reputation.

If you can suggest an organization or connect me with someone that fits this bill or comes close that would be a lot of help.

I’m going to post some additional questions below but wanted to do that separately so that my priority of finding a storming organization to work for is clearly set as the primary topic of discussion.


Some other things I am considering and would welcome information and advice on (as I weigh my options) include:

  1. Pay: What is a great compensation arrangement vs average, vs low?

    a. What Stormer Organizations have the best pay arrangements?

    b. Numbers I’ve heard: 10% of Sales, 50% of Net, Base Pay or not.

  2. Company ( Product, Systems, Reputation, Culture):

    a. Product: I’ve heard it’s advantageous to work for a company that not only sells good product and does quality work but also offers a variety of products (roofing, siding, windows, gutters, etc). If this is the case who in the storming world does all this (quality product/work and variety?

    b. Systems: I’ve heard that the best Stormer organizations have great systems in place to support high sales volumes and quick installations.

          i.	What tools support a good system?  (Software, sales materials, what else?).
          ii.	What should I keep an eye out for in terms of identifying bad systems?  
          iii.	What Stormer organizations have great systems in place?

    c. Culture & Reputation: I’ve heard people on this site say there are some Stormer organizations that are super successful because they have it all (aggressive practices & integrity). Is that true? If so what Stormer organizations fit that bill?

  3. Deductibles: I understand that in some areas it is frowned upon to pay the customers deductible out of what the insurer pays you. I also understand that in some places this is illegal. It seems like doing this would be a great advantage (being able to offer a free roof is an easier sell) and where it is not illegal I would think finding a company that is good at this would be favorable. Thoughts? Who does this well and right (ethically speaking)?

  4. Position: Something I remain unclear on are all the ways that I can get into this industry. I have heard of being an employee, subbing, working for people who work for subs (what does subbing entail and how does it work?). I would benefit from some clarification on this structure and the different possibilities. I would also welcome advice on what makes the most sense for me as a newbie and why?

I know I have included a lot here. I appreciate the time that people in this community put towards sharing information and helping one another. In the future as I am in a better position to contribute and be of service I will look forward to that opportunity as well!

Thanks in advance,


Not sure quality, honesty, and stormer at words that traditionally go together. Remember on the 50% of net guys, they decide what is “net”!