Advice on Choosing Aluminum vs 24g vs 26g

Short version: I need to decide between 24g mechanically seamed vs 26g snapped together vs .032 aluminum, Ideally which is better? If the prices are similar should I always go with aluminum? Or is the thicker and mechanically seamed steel better? Or are they are very similar and great products and I should just go with the more reputable company that can offer a good price?

Long version: I live just past the 1500 or 1600 foot boundary to the ocean to be covered by the warranty for a 26g metal roof so I can do either 26g or aluminum. We’re in NE Florida (88-92F and humid in the summers, 55-65F in the winter) in a two story home with a 1 story portion, 3442 sq ft inside total. Some roof dimensions are listed in quotes below. Hurricanes are a threat. We normally don’t get large hail, but dime size has happened in the area in the recent past (up to quarter size occurs much less often). I plan on adding solar to the roof later in the year (S clips onto the standing seams so they don’t drill through the roof).

Quotes are for 26g standing seam, snapped together (not mechanically seamed), with Kynar 500 paint unless otherwise stated. Any advice or tips on something that I should be seeing in the contract that’s missing would be much appreciated. Specific questions that I should ask are also much appreciated. I do have the CAD and e360 files if that would help.

Company A (business for 14 yrs, BBB A+): $30,000 ($33,500 for 24g mechanically seamed Kynar 500) - the quote doesn’t specify if this is the cash price so if it’s the financed price maybe I could negotiate it slightly
Estimated to install 46 squares of roofing material, Panel Width 16", Linear Footage 2975’9"
Main roof pitch 7/12, Panel Area 39.7, Roof Area 35.8, Flat Area 0.0, Estimated Waste 11%
Obtain permit/N.O.C
Removal of existing roof material down to roof deck
Re-nail roof deck to FL Bldg Code
Replace rotten wood @ $65/sheet and $6.50/linear foot (at additional cost - NOT factored into quote price)
Install entire roof with fleece backed peel n stick underlayment 60 synthetic underlayment
Install Gulf Coast Gulf Lok 26g metal panels with 1 inch rib (painted)
Install Gulf Coast painted gable rake, eave drip, seam ridge cap and valley metal
Install new boots
Removal of all construction debris & magnet sweep yard
Manufacturer’s warranty & 5 yr workmanship warranty
3-4 days to install

Company B (business for 48 yrs, BBB A+, GAF Master Elite): $26,706
Roof facets 3314 sq ft.
Roof pitch 5/12:3124 sq ft, 3/12 180 sq ft, 7/12 10 sq ft
Pull permit/Record NOC and schedule inspections
Tarp off the base of the house to catch falling debris
Use a trailer with tires whenever possible to protect driveways
Remove existing roof system and dispose all material
Inspect entire roof system for loose or damaged decking, rafters, fascia, sub-fascia, and soffit boards
OSB 1/2" decking is $60, plywood is $70, and 3/4" is $80. Stick lumbar is $6/linear foot for 2x4 and above (1x2s and 1x4s are $4/LF.
Wood included: 2 pcs
Re-Nail existing roof decking with 8D ring Shank nail to 6" on center per code
Lien release
Peel n stick (I’m not sure if it’s the entire roof decking)
Vented ridge vents
Manufacturer’s warranty & 10 yr workmanship warranty

Company B - same as above but $31,361 for .032 Aluminum

I like the first bid. Your post is a bit confusing. If price were the same, I’d go with the 24 g but I don’t think it is necessary. 26 g should be fine.

What about the first bid do you like more compared to the 2nd? Is there something specific in the contract portion that makes it worth the extra $3300 and 5 less years of workmanship warranty? Sorry, this is my first re-roof so I’m new to this.

The two quotes seem to vary on the amount of roof area by a fair amount if I’m reading them right. The first bid seems to indicate more organization and clear thinking as I read them. And more attention to detail. Also shows knowledge of local code requirements no mention of such in the second bid.

Both may be fine. I can’t imagine deciding on a major purchase based primarily on the written quote. Local references and your own impression of the Representative would be much more important.

Warranties are mostly BS. Just about any true workmanship warranty will show itself in the first 1 month to 2 years. Around 90% of the “warranty” calls my company gets are bogus and have nothing to do with our workmanship. Siding or painting contractor tear something up. Gutter contractor installs wrong. Chimney cover rusts out and is leaking. Chimney siding rotted and leaking. If not for all the bogus calls you open yourself up to, I’d have a lifetime workmanship warranty.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a 32 giage aluminum roof sheet. I really don’t expect that to be very durable.

The measurements were done by e360 for one of the quotes and CAD for the other which probably caused the measurement discrepancy. They both said they’d come back for exact measurements after I agreed to go with their company.

Sorry if I typo’d on the aluminum. It’s 0.032 aluminum. I thought that was pretty standard for aluminum roofing but I believe that’s what is in the quote.

Probably mean .032 aluminum

Assuming it is installed correctly, a mechanically double locked standing seam roof in far superior to any snap together system.


Have you used .032 aluminum standing seam before, if so how is it? For both snap lock and double lock. I’ve never used it.

And therein lies the rub doesn’t it MPA? How many roofers in your area do you know of you’d trust to install that on your house?

4, That is the problem for both the customer and for us. We bid jobs as 24ga mechanically locked, customers come back a week later and say they got a second bid for “srandning seam” for 50% less. Half the the time the other prices are for exposed fastener ag metal and the other half is some guy in a truck who has no clue what they are doing.

Go with bid A. It’s a much better system for Florida or anywhere.