Advice needed on recent roof repair


Recently had my roof repaired to fix three minor leaks. All three locations involved exhaust pipes/vents: heater, furnace, and un-used/false pipe. Hired roofer who replaced boots/vents, removed and patched false pipe, and re-shingled surrounding areas.

After the job was complete, I noticed (looking through the seams of the newly patched wood) that the roofer didn’t use underlayment and instead nailed shingles directly to the roof. Furthermore, following a brief rainstorm, all three locations continued to leak. The roofer agreed to return and patch (caulk) suspect areas (which stopped the leaks), and within a few weeks, return and do the job right (add underlayment and re-shingle).

Four months (and many excuses) later, the roofer returned and re-shingled the roof— this time applying underlayment. I went out to inspect his work and noticed the shingles looked ruffled (see images). Inside, I noticed light coming in where the base of the boot meets the roof (no leaks at this location yet); roofer said this is normal. Lastly, when it rains, water is now entering the furnace exhaust pipe (found water leaking at the seams of the PVC pipe).


Few questions:

  1. What’s going on with the ruffled-looking shingles (to the immediate left and right of PVC pipe)? Is this normal?
  2. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but is it normal to see light/open space at the base of the boot? See image.
  3. This repair job is costing me about $1,250, but the roofer has yet to bill me. Any advice on how to proceed? From the looks of it, I’ll need to re-hire someone to fix this guy’s work. I really don’t want him back on my roof…

Thanks in advance for the help!


If you hire a guy to repair leaks and after two attempts, the roof still leaks, don’t pay him. To cover myself, I’d send him a certified letter stating he has not satisfactorily completed the work contracted for and you will allow one week for one final attempt before hiring another contractor to do the job. Include photos to validate your concerns.


AD is right that this is a pretty simple repair that reeeaally should not leak – but the pictures you show now look OK to me. The ruffled shingles should settle down once the heat of the sun gets on them, and while I wouldn’t expect to see daylight coming in from that pipe boot it probably just needs to be pushed down a little bit.

Are you sure that the water in the furnace exhaust isn’t condensation from the furnace? That is pretty normal and I think the PVC exhaust is supposed to be glued together by the installer to prevent this leaking into your attic.