What percentage should go towards advertising

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This is the last time im trying to help. its gotten old. God bless and have a merry christmas

GTp should have the answer. I don’t pay for advertising, so I can’t help.
Well, I do pay for the interent service, and business cards. And I could say my time posting on the net.

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What ever amount you feel like spending.

What ever your business plan is set up for…you have a business plan right. :smiley:

I feel like i need to invest more into advertising,just wondered what was yalls take was on it. :?:

Your budget should depend on your business growth goals.

Depending on what your company size is, the structure of it, whether you want to keep your business the same size (staff wise), increase, decrease- etc.
It also depends on whether you are going to advertise online, offline or both. Most importantly, what are your sales & profits now, what do you want them to be and need them to be.

Every business is different. You could work with the 10% rule as a safe bet. There will be times you’ll want to and need to increase it. There will be times you’ll want to and need to decrease it.

One thing to remember in setting up your budget is this: the Best advertising and marketing is the kind that works for both you and your customers/prospects.

The idea that every job is a good job (or every customer is a good customer) is a myth. There are cutomers who are best for you. Those are who you need to work with. Getting to the point where you understand who yours are- and can easily identify them- can help you avoid a lot of costly adverstising and marketing mistakes.

This is a good time of the year to work on budgeting, planning, projecting and preparing your advertising for the next year.

If you want to talk a bit more about this, PM me. Be glad to share a bit to help clarify what would be good for your business.

I found the answer to sales

Spend as much as you can afford, dont get your head under water though or youll be up the creek without a paddle… the more you spend the more you will make, but as we all know it takes money to make it so make a wise choice.

[quote=“Aroofing”]I found the answer to sales



[quote=“Aroofing”]I found the answer to sales[/quote]


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The last 10 years I have never has a advertise budget
Just wing it