Hey guys Tell me from everyones experience what’s the best way advertise things are getting way to slow . Any suggestions? Also has anyone starting installing these metal roof panel with the solar panels on them ?

I put up a billboard,yard sign campaign,canvassed over 100 flyers and cards,internet(google,merchant,and web site)truck is a rolling billboard,and offering customers incentives for referrals(which they refuse)…and I’ve only received 2 calls in 30 days…1 actual sales call, and no sales…I do not know anyone in my area that is busy…I get calls daily from suppliers looking for new sales,and guys looking for work…over 100 visits to my internet adds,and 2 calls. I would have to say that I got most of my work from truck lettering,( I never complain about putting gas in the truck,cause that is where I pick up allot of work)and referrals…The only problem is that referrals run out…Good luck!


Just remember this when it passes. And it will.

You advertizing plan for a slow down needs to be implemented while you are busy. This is the hardest time to make plans. You are working with scared money.