anyone tried the sirvice magic on the net yet it seems decent $100 one time fee and they set up a website for you but theres something about a fee for every call they send to you

They don’t set up a website for you.

They are a rip off. Practically every contractor on another board with over 26,000 members on it, who has commented about them, think they are the Devils Spawn.

Knock on doors and pass out flyer’s near any one job you are doing and offer a free inspection,.


thanks very much for saving me one more headache

You would be better off with Craigs List, but that seems to attract major bargain hunters, but at least it is free.


What do you think about attracting customers directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN?
The qualified leads are generated directly from your own website and customers call you directly because they are interested in doing business with you.