Addition to intersecting gable


So we used to have a screened in Florida room before hurricane Michael and it was always pretty ugly. Now that it’s been destroyed, I’m looking at putting an addition onto the house. The current roof is an intersecting gable and I’ve already installed new standing seam metal roof onto the house. Unfortunately I didn’t think about this addition before the new roof went on. While the cheapest and easiest option is going to be to put a flat roof on, I’m wondering if there is another option that doesn’t have me completely undo the roof I’ve already spent a lot of time and money to install. The issue is that the addition will be right at the corner of where the intersecting gable is and tying into this may be difficult. I’m wondering if an M-style or somehow tying in a hipped pyramid roof would work. Does anyone have any previous examples that they’d be willing to share?


A near flat roof would be your best option otherwise you would be creating some dead valleys. I hate to say but any way you do it those panels will have to removed and reinstalled to end with a good roof.


A flat roof is your only viable option here and if you do that as an addition, you will never have enough head room after you frame it out. It’s a losing proposition any way you go outside of adding another story to it.