Adding sloped roof above pergola


Hello - I’ll try to do my best to describe our situation and look forward to hearing other people’s experience or ideas.

We have a flat pergola outside a patio sliding door. The roof above is clay tile. We would like to cover the pergola with ondura sheets and put them at an appropriate pitch. The size is about 10x12 feet.

Does it make more sense to extend from the roof aka put a right triangle above the flat pergola for the roof?
Or should it be a double pitched roof with the short side emptying into the existing gutter on the house?

If the latter - any tips, books, videos, etc to design it?


Some pictures would help. Do you get snow? How is the pergola anchored to the foundation?

There are several variables to take into consideration. You need to make sure the pergola is strong enough to support the weight of the roof, plus snow if you get it, as it was not originally designed for that. When adding a roof to an open structure such as a pergola you need to make sure that it is properly anchored to the foundation so wind will not lift it off the ground.