Actual cash value policy and roofing co. Help


We had roof damage due to the hurricane in GA in Oct 2016. I filed a claim with my ins. they sent a check but it wasn’t enough to cover the job because it was an actual cash value policy. The check sat on my desk for about 3 months I didn’t know what to do with it. At that time roofing contractors were going through neighborhoods and one stopped and gave us an estimate. I told him about the check and he said they would work it out with the I told him I couldn’t afford to pay any more than the thousand dollar deductible he said not to worry he even wrote it on the estimate (Customer only responsible for the one thousand dollar deductible) Then I showed him the paperwork from the adjuster and he told us no problem. He then wrote it on the contract we signed it they did the work. Well, a month later we got the call saying the ins. company refused to pay any more because it was an actual cash value policy. They admitted it was their mistake and after some phone calls and words, they would not hold us responsible. Now 8 months the owner is saying it’s not gonna work like that and we owe them over 3 thousand dollars when the final amount they were trying to get from the ins. co.was only 1,500 their also charging us 30 dollars a month that it’s not paid. What if anything can I do?


You owe what your contract states you owe. If they wrote all that in, you’re free and clear.