what do you guys pay for your accountants?


Befor i got quick books, i was paying 350 a quarter and 900 for corporate and personal year end. but it payed off. This is a very professional firm. Like five floors of accountants and they take their time with me AND i actually got a sgnificant return this year! Some sort of urban development deduction and others.



You want a CPA not a PA. There is a big difference.


I agree a good accounting firm would consist of many pa’s under a few cpa’s. Just like a roofing company may have the a owner, the forman(s) to over see the work and look over any mistakes or misses. A cpa may find misses and have more advice than a simple pa.



I would not use an accountant that used mostly PA’s.

A PA is not allowed by law to give you any advice. You tell him what to do. Then he does it. He makes sure that what you tell him to do is done right and the right forms are filled out.


lol! sorry this forum is somethin else sometimes. joshua. Cracks me up sometimes.


Lefty is a wise oldtimer. He knows what hes talking about. We all learn from him when he does post.