Acceptable # of shiners


Curious as to an acceptable amount of shiners on a new roof install and if a sealant is a good enough solution. I’ve read some roofers do not think its a big deal and actually shows nails are hitting both shingles. Prob have 50 shiners on a new roof install and company says it will seal them. Is this ok and will i be up there re-sealing them every 3 yrs? Pic of their sealing of a couple shiners.


You have a good roofer!
Everything is going to be ok.
The nails will
last their life without leaking
Even with no sealant on them.

Yes , they should be sealed
You are not going to need to keep sealing them every few years.

Shiners should be addressed BEFORE the homeowner sees them
And worries themselves to death.
If they see them first, then to address them,
the shiners should be imbeded with granules also with the sealant.


50 is very excessive. Wouldn’t pass here, its just plain sloppy. Unlikely to cause any issues but wouldn’t put them in the good roofer category lol


You have a crap roofer, unacceptable lazy installation. I would hold back $750.00 from payment for 3 years,until sure does not leak. I would have him repair with NP1 sealant from beneath shingle after nail is removed. Do not understand why roofing contractors would call this acceptable. Any warrantee you have from manufacturer will not cover this, there is no warrantee on your roof.


I totally disagree.
You have a great roofer.
One who cares and takes the extra step to nail in the double thickness of the shingle.
Really hard and near impossible to do with most manufactures unless you go really slow.
Dont worry at all!
You have a great roof!
I would hire him in two seconds
And be thankful to almighty God for the blessing.


50s a little much, when I get one I rip the shingle out. The odd one is a good sign, means they aren’t nailing high.
Might average 10 a roof. If I miss one I caulk it, I wouldn’t leave 50 on a roof.


We just rip the shingle off and replace it as we go. So what if you use an extra bundle or two 60$ is alot cheaper then sending somebody back out. When doing the final blow off if we see one or two we will seal before taking the ladder down or asking for the final check.


Certainly not near impossible to install correctly. We do it on a daily basis as im sure most forum members here do. Its not rocket science just hit the bloody line! Shingles also shrink/wear over time and even nails too close to the exposure will begin to show. I doubt this customer paid half price for a half ass job so id have them change out these shingles. Not hard to do if they haven’t sealed. Having them do this will also make them pay closer attention to their nailing and make them better installers in the future. Win win for everyone!!


exactly, a good roofer would correct it as it happens. Great roofer hahahahaha. I can not believe you said that. How any roofer would call this acceptible is a laugh. No wonder we make so much money coming behind crap roofers.


Great roofer!
Yes! I said it and will say it again.
90 percent better than most roofers.

Many roofers get no “shiners” and high nail the shingles nailing them consistently into the single layer ( not the double layer)incorrectly…
causing leaks and subject to high wind blow-offs.


I find high nails more unacceptable than low nails.
Because i have experience…
I have never seen a low nail cause a leak.
ever, ever, ever…

I see high nails leak ALL the time…


Seems like there is definitely a difference of opinion between exp roofers on this thread. Have already expressed concern over the amt of shiners (50) to the roofer. Just seems excessive on a brand new roof and prob voids shingle warranty i would assume


Avoid all shiners: Hand drive, we hand drive every nail on every job, repair and or replace—-period!!


The amount of shiners on a shingle roof should be exactly none, any low nails should be repaired either by replacing the entire shingle or depending on how much of the nail head is showing, caulk.

I find it acceptable to caulk over a few half showing nail heads, full nail heads should have the entire shingle replaced IMO.

That being said in the grand scheme of things a low nail matters not as I haven’t seen any leak in decades either.

IMO if you have installers producing too many shiners it is time to tell him to slow down or take his gun away from him, it doesn’t improve over time.


I appreciate everyone’s opinion. Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg with these guys


I had a new roof done this summer. I had three exposed nails ( nailed low ).i am getting them fixed. I don’t want the risk of having a leak.

I think the nail should not be exposed. I saw that GAF will not honor warranty if the nails are exposed. There is a pdf on their web page addressing the exposed nails. It may not be a problem but if you have good access to the roof inside I would at least periodically check to see if there are any that leak.


Atlas sure is making my life easier.
They really really are.
It is really saving me time and money.
A significant amount.
With ALL other shingles available to me in my market…finding and fixing shiners was a true job
Now we are getting almost zero.
And we are still hitting the double thickness every time.

You just cant do that with the other shingles,
Except Malarky and if i heard right Pabco.

The head of the nail gun is the same size as their nailing area.
It takes a lot of skill and strength to nail a shingle in a perfect straight line with a nail gun.
You nail a quarter inch high—you missed and shot THROUGH.
You nail a quarter inch low—you have a partial exposed nail.

That is the story no one wants to talk about.
The design of the shingles are still great if you are handnailing or going pretty slow.

But if you want your workers to work at their optimum potential, it would be wise to provide them with a product that they can actually acheive the desired outcome of no high nails or low nails.

The “one inch” nailing zone that most everyone has…sucks.

Thank you Atlas!!!
This roofer here appreciates you!!!


Absolutely unacceptable unacceptable