ABS sewer vent penetration boot by Lifetime Tools

Wanted to share my opinion about Lifetime Tools branded boot made from silicone and to inquire if I did it right. Purchased 1.5 and 3 inch boots as they’re advertised to be some of the best for longevity. This boot goes on the low slope roof (3.2/12), so I wanted to be sure I overkilled as much as possible to prevent water intrusion. Installed it per manufacturer instructions. One thing that is different for this item - usually most online videos recommend caulk or silicone around 3 sides of the perimeter on the roof side to bind to underlayment (except bottom part). Lifetime Tools did not have that in recommendation, so I did not caulk there. Plus caulking would make it impossible to replace in the future. However, for water protection, I did the following:

  • Shingled all the way to the ABS penetration
  • Applied Grace Ice and Water shield, top of it under the upper row of synthetic underlayment for shingling effect, with bottom overlapping last row of shingles to take water out onto shingles in case of a boot leak.
  • Used Tyvek Flex Wrap to wrap the bottom of pipe to the Grace, then overlapping it with top end of pipe with Flex wrap. This created a continuous shield from pipe to Grace so water does not penetrate onto decking. Should it penetrate the boot, it will be carried out onto Grace, then onto shingle layer below.
  • Installed Lifetime Tools boot, again top of the boot below upper level of underlayment just as Grace does. Any leaks above it will direct water over the boot base.
  • installed shingles around the boot, using Masterseal NP1 Polyurethane Caulk about 1/2 inch inside of each shingle only in vertical direction to prevent blow off in high wind. This should also prevent sideways water migration. Bottom uncaulked to prevent water trapping.
  • The only horizontal caulking is around circular neck of shingle on top layer above the boot, again to prevent wind blow off.

Below is the final result. Looks really nice. Hopefully will last a while. I think I paid $30-40 per boot, much more than regular store brand. Used black ABS pipe as this is what was originally done on the house. Despite PVC being more UV resistant, old ABS lasted 20 years without much discoloration or any cracking. I think both original and current are closed cell foam ABS. Rated for DWV schedule 40, so should be code compliant. Inspector did not give clear answer if ABS okay exposed.

Any opinions or Comments are welcome!


Looks good. What are you trying to do? Keep me from getting plumbing vent repairs? The only thing an inspector in my area would flag you for is no fasteners across the front of the base.

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Haha, thanks! Yes, I am not a fan of leaks. Trying to get it done right, so I don’t ever have to deal with it. Lifetime Tool states to only nail in 6 marked places, so no nails are exposed. But I can see this setup being rejected in especially windy areas. It can probably easily lift and bend that base if not nailed.

If it’s nailed along the sides under the shingles it will take a tornado to lift it up.


That’s a clean install. Need a job?


Thanks for your kind words! I don’t think you want to hire me, I may be meticulous but will be the slowest person on the job. Haha. It took me 8 hours to complete 5 squares. I think some can accomplish that in an hour or two. LOL. But my roofing experience involves 2 storage sheds and 1 house, all pro-bono for family.

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Beautiful send the pics into the manufacture