About venilation. What do you do in this case?

No soffit vent Question???
In the case that you have a potential customer that wants you to do a complete re-roof on their house…Let’s say the customer wants you to install ridgevent, because they like the look, and everyone in the neighborhood has it installed on their roof. They have no intake/soffit vents. Do you let them know that they don’t have a complete, or maximum ventilation system without intake/soffit vent. Let’s say the homeowner thinks that:

  1. You are trying to upsell, to install soffit vents.
  2. The homeowner could care less, and just wants the ridgevent installed and that is all. Doesn’t want soffit/intake vent.
  3. Can’t afford to put soffit/intake vents in and therefore just wants the ridgevent installed.

What do you do in these type of situations. Do you :

  1. Install the ridgevent without intake/soffit vent.
  2. Install another type of ventilation system.
  3. Make them sign a paper, stating that they chose not to have soffit/intake vents installed, to reduce liablity if they end up having moisture problems in the attic space because of no intake.


The customer is always right. Educate them on the situation, it’s all you can do.

and if they are still insistant…make them sign the waiver.

Do you let them know that they don’t have a complete, or maximum ventilation system without intake/soffit vent.

Actually to better answer the question…

I took it upon myself to make a small insert that is given to each customer in the shingle color/style brochure. It outlines the basics in ventilation and shows a profile of the Ever-Flo eave vent and how it works. Most people read enough of it to ask intelligent questions and as a result don’t feel like they are being taken to the cleaners when it’s suggested that their current vent system is inadequate.

basically it’s this:


and this picture:


Saves a lot of time explaining things over the phone and people these days appreciate being educated about the roofing process.

Tell them that if it isn’t done, they don’t have a manufacturers warranty.

Personally i would walk from the job. If they are not going to allow you to do the job correctly then you know you will VOID the warranty by doing what he wants. If you can live with doing something completly wrong then do it.

I read this on an other forum. I was very shocked at what i was reading.

Ridge vent WILL NOT WORK without soffit or an intake source. It might flow 2 or 3 inches per foot without rendering the whole thing useless.

I myself do not just throw it up there and not care if it is done right. Money is money i understand that, but knowing the it will fail that is the problem. Hence why i would not do it.