Abestos ceiling

I have 5 percent on my ceiling of chrysotile popcorn texture I was thinking in summer replacing my shingle roof and and the main top of flat roof what can i do to prevent the particle from falling since they might hammer the roof will the particle of abestos come down and is there anyway I can maintain the roof by replacing it. Dont have enough money to hire and have a abatement company to scrape off the Bestos before I can replace roof

I don’t think you’ll have any issues.

For peace of mind you can spray the ceiling with a clear sealer that will prevent possible particulates from being dislodged and interspersed into the interior atmosphere.

You can also do the ceiling work yourself as long as proper disposal protocol is followed.

I think your best option may be to try to scrape the asbestos yourself or have someone work Along side with you
Or hire somebody to help you and you just watch
Do you need to make it look like you are the one doing the job then just get rid of the material appropriately

You may even save some money if you are able to do this. The money that you save may be upgrade on the shingle

Are you actually a licensed contractor making this recommendation? You do know that this would be a huge penalty from the Feds if caught right?

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Not to mention that scraping asbestos is one of the worst ways to handle it.


Regardless what anyone tells you do not try to abate your asbestos ceiling on your own. Handling asbestos safely is a lot more than just disposing of it properly. Trust me when I tell you it takes one asbestos fiber to wreck havoc on your health. Save your cash and pay a reputable company to deal with your ceiling of you so choose.

Most likely the asbestos that’s on your ceiling now is what’s known as non-friable asbestos. Basically this means that under normal conditions, including some touching, the asbestos particles will NOT become airborne. Non-friable asbestos is no big deal until it becomes friable (airborne) asbestos. This being said, I wouldn’t see any reason why your roof couldn’t be replaced with asbestos popcorn ceilings below. This is assuming the ceiling is in generally good repair and won’t fall to pieces (that’d obviously be rather unusual anyways - really just making a point) when the roof is being replaced.

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IMHO the asbestos scare is a lawyer scam. Check with your insurance company, you might be covered. Chrysotile is supposedly the worst type. Anyway, tarp everything, gear up with PPE, set up a negative air system, HEPA respirator, and keep it wet. OR encapsulate it with heavy acrylic latex and leave it in place. I was an abatement supervisor, let my certification lapse 20 years ago. Any building material before 1980 is considered ACBM, and suspect. How many people got mesothelioma from that?

That sure doesn’t sound like a job most homeowners would want to tackle.

Pencil pushin chair polishers need not apply! : )

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