A prevailing wind and ridge cap story

A customer got me to change the direction direction of my ridge caps because they think the wind is more prevalent in the other direction and believe it or not owens corning sided with them, so me being who I am went on weather channel.com and found a day that the wind went in both directions and they still wouldn’t admit their wrong, so I said why not put 2 layers of caps on so were covered. Owens customer support sucks they put it all on the roofers just figured I’d share that I usually run them the same as the neighbors so I won’t get any stupid questions

Hi pghroofer, I think what would matter most is the wind direction when it is raining hard? Here ( monterey bay Ca.) the “prevailing” wind is a fair weather afternoon northwest sea breeze but the wind that brings the rain is usually a south wind turning to west during the storms. If you’ve lived in your area long enough you’ve probably got a good idea of which way the rain blows from?
Regards, DaveB

Thanks for the reply dave yeah but if you check the weather it does go in both east and west and I’ve always been told to do it like the neighbors not only that sometimes you get a T gable and you have to run the ridge to the valleys I’ve never had a shingle blow off ever I think he was just being a prick I double shoot my cap so they lay nice and all my edges on the ridge vent my first and last cap gets daubs of tar to adhere them down too

No doubt about that! If he wanted them facing a certain way he should have told you that when he ordered the job and reminded the crew when you showed up.
Regards, DaveB


Prevailing wind direction has nothing to do with water. The caps will not leak no matter which way they are run.

It has to do with wind resistence. Start the shingles in the east. Winds blow from the west to the east.

wait till one blows before you worry.
all the caps could blow off and your roof wont leak.

quit worryin.