A little help to increase your business

Check out this service. *smartleadsusa.com *I have no financial interst in these guys but do think they are on the right track. The other alternative is to hire a few kids to canvas the neighborhood near a job.

In tough times every “trick” in the book is worth a try.


They have been one of your sites advertisers on the bottom of the screen for quite a while.

Part of Info-Usa, which has a great data base to select demographics from.

I have a detailed list of multiple direct mail houses, some that do just printing and others that do similar radius blasts and also do the mailing and postage for you that I recently posted on Contractor Talk.

If interested, I will re-post the list here. Just say Yea or Ney.


I myself canvassed a few neighborhoods, over 100 flyers and cards,and no calls yet…all were on houses that could use a roof!

Just dont put anything in a mail box. Its a federal offense to open a persons mailbox!! I landed one today by canvassing the neighborhood my guys were working in.

I don’t think they are part of InfoUSA (which I use),but you get the idea. Enough said.

I know better than that Marshall…Thnx. Canvassing is a nice way to meet people,and break the ice so to speak. I sold a few roofs last year Knocking on doors.On the spot sales…Ahhh, the good old days,when people had $$$ to spend,lol…

My wife sells Avon & she leaves catalogs on mailbox doors & the red flag… but NEVER inside.

Also, she tosses them up into driveways wrapped like a tube with a rubber band around 'em.

Not that we have as much literature to make that kind of a bulky toss, but it’s a way to do it.

Also, if you only target roofs in ‘bad shape’ then you might be missing out on someone who knows a roof in need of service, etc. You just can’t ever tell where your leads are going to come from.

One other area some of you might be missing out on is roof cleaning. If you don’t offer this service, you are for sure losing out. There are a lot of dirty roofs that need a professional to clean it vs. merely doing a total re-roof. Often, your price per unit area is going to be more profitable when considering the man hours required vs. the wholesale expenses.

I use them, but haven’t really had a good response. I attribute this to the lack of frequence. Mailing once and forgetting it is a waste of money and sadly what I typically do, however smart leads has a neat feature where you can download the list of people the card has been mailed to and you can then send additional mailers to these people.

BTW I’m not 100% sure, but I am fairly sure there is an affiliation between smartleads and infousa.