A-Frame Screws backing out

I recently purchased a 1970’s A-Frame style home in the high country in Colorado. The sellers said every few years they spend a weekend screwing in all the screws that back out slowly over time. We have a bi from a local company who was really trying to find a better solution that we can do so it’s not something that needs to be done so often, but other than increasing screw size, they have not come up with a better solution. Since they’re about 3 months out to get the job done, I thought I would search and see what solutions you might think…in my non-roofers mindset, I think “lock-tite” which I know would not work here, but something that will keep the screws from backing out!

Thanks for any suggestions.

I assume you are referring to exposed fastener panels?
The bigger screws will help for a while,the issue is expansion and contraction, the panels expand in the heat and push the screws out slowly.
Exposed fastener panels are meant for barns