A-FRAME recommendations needed for venting and metal roof

The A-frame is from the early 70s. Current venting is accomplished by chicken wire at the bottom of the exterior wall beams with an attic created 4 feet from peak with a large fan and vents on each end of peak.
I would like to open the beams by removing the drywall and remove attic space. This would required removing the chicken wire and closing in the base at floor of beams.

What options do i have for venting or will it be needed? The current plan is to replace the shingle roof with a metal roof installed over 1 x 4s to be installed on roof.

Opening the beams will visually improve the house, if a solution to venting can be found.

Build a cold roof over the existing roof.

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Cold roof would most likely be the best, and also the most cost effective solution.