A, B or C- 3 Roofing Quotes


Water is coming in under this chimney.
Is it?
A. A clearly visible problem to do with Valley and Water gate.
B. Impossible to tell, tiles need to be stripped back to allow further investigation
C. Likely to do with the gutters

Asking for a clueless friend


It’s running straight down the valley and under the roofing at the bottom, seemingly.
Nowhere near enough information given or camera angles to pinpoint. What kind of roof is it? Can’t tell from the picture.


Thank you. The company that fixed the valley have just quoted to fix it again! It’s a flat roof with slated edges and cast iron rhones. We’ve had a 4th and 5th quote also suggesting it’s the rhones.


No sense in fixing that valley from looks of condition of the roof.
If the shingles are as bad as they look, most likely will fall apart or cause undesirable damage doing that valley repair.

Best of luck with repairs


They are not shingles, it is a slate roof.

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If I were forced to hazard a guess, it would be the leak is not coming from the valleys shown but from below that (which is where we cannot see due to lack of photos). Some leaks are very, very difficult to diagnose when you’re there on the roof. That makes them near impossible to figure out with a few photos.

Find a slate or tile expert in the area and ask them to take a look. Unless it is obvious, I suspect they’re going to quote to take up a bunch of the slate in order to diagnose the problem. And that likely won’t be cheap. Or the owner can keep paying someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing a little bit at a time and unless they’re very fortunate, the leak will never be fixed.


Ah gotcha

End of the valley is pretty rough looking.
Wonder if they had ice barrier as supposed to have in most areas all around that cricket and chimney?
You might watch that if redoing


That roof was built long before ice barriers existed. That’s not the issue