80m tan ib membrane on concrete!

Hello! I found out about this website doing some research and saw people post roofs that I’ve done :white_check_mark: I seen people post about tpo air bubbles, which I never see when I do my roofs haha. So recently I did a deck, had to pour liquid to remove the paint that was over the concrete. Removed it and it was stained so we used the grinder to clean it to bare concrete, to install our membrane. It was simple we used ib water born adhesive, it was basically a glue down type of deck. We finished it but for some reason we got a lot of air bubbles, thought they would go down over night. Next day we came to do details and in the morning there wasn’t no air bubbles, but the sun came out and it started to form air bubbles again. I’m worried something might gone wrong, it seems like in the morning they go away with the cold, and when the sun raises with some heat they start to form… Would anyone help with advise!!! ASAP, it’s IB membrane 80m on grinder concrete! Glue down with water base adhesive.

The substrate or adhesive still has moisture or solvent in it. WB adhesive is used over a porous insulation/roof system and the vapor migrates into the system or is vented out. Was this a IB warrantable application specification?

It sounds like there is moisture still in the concrete. It can sometimes take years for it to fully cure. A simple test is, after you ground to bare concrete, tape plastic wrap over a 2x2 area. Watch it for a couple of days and make a judgement about gluing the concrete down.