57 square


Tell me your estimates 57 sq 19 sq of it 8/12 the rest 6/12, 6 chimneys, 60ft ridge vent, 1 layer,2 story gambrel syle,4 skylights,6 vents. Just checking some numbers thanks



Gambrel only an 8/12?


not gambrel. gable with 2 bull noses on each side. Sorry


If you sign me up today,I’ll do it for 25k.lol :smiley:


seriously competion is tough around here.


Thats around 18-19k in my area.Thats Canadian funds…seriously :slight_smile:


what am i putting on it?

20 year shingles?

grand manor?


and 6 chimneys? jeezus! reflashing them too?


[quote=“Agape”]what am i putting on it?

20 year shingles?

grand manor?


and 6 chimneys? jeezus! reflashing them too?[/quote]

Good point…I was just figuring 30yr laminates…


Yes 3o yr thanks


23k plus $70.00 per manhour and mats for wood work.


Id be looking at about 18,500 or so


57 sq. is tough to win. The #'s could range from 12-20k in my area…me at 18,000 if I really want it…


i wouldnt touch it for less than $18k, but if i was writing an estimate, it would be for $20ish


6 chimneys huh? without seeing it i would say definately nuthing less than 16-17 if i really needed the job - as busy as i am now i would most likely bid it around 22


Wow, I must be expensive. I just signed a contract for an 80 sq job off and on for a little over 32000. 6 pitch. no chimney, no skylights, two valleys.


either I’m not charging enough or market is tougher in VA. For a one layer tear off on anything reasonable I’m lucky to get $230-240 a square materials and labor. What you’re working with certainly would be more but I doubt more than 16k for me. I priced a 50 square not too long ago, pretty cut up and probably 50% 12/12 2 dormers-only 2 chimneys and cedar tear off, priced it at 17k and didn’t get it cause someone was cheaper. I didn’t bother to ask the price. I told him to give it to the other guy.


rooferjosh-where are you located? I think its a big factor


before i looked at any of the posts i came up with $17,475.00 that is my low price. $130 material, $50 to rip, $95 to lay and $1800 for dumpster and picking up shingles. i would try to sell them on new skylights and that would up the price and my prophet.

and there is a lot of guys that will do it cheaper then that in CT.


wadman-you can get $95 bucks to lay???!?!!?


call it what you want $70 to rip, $75 to lay instead of the $50 to rip, $95 to lay i said.