40 year arch tear off

My next job is a 38 sg 8/12 2 story tear off. 40 year Timberine archs. Poor install has finally resulted in leaks for the owner,joints 2-3" apart, plywood popping from not being renailed whed it was last replaced, ( I re-nail every 1 once it’s stripped) after only 8 years. They are also cracking and they capped it off w/25 yr 3 tabs.lol… The high profile roll vent and cap is nailed w/ 1 1/2 gun nails and loose across the whole house it is a sin. I will be posting pics after I get it done. This one is a referal of a plumber I know that did some work for the guy. The only question was how long , not how much… I am installing the new Gaf/ Elks 30 yr same color as origional. This is going to be the 6th roof in a row I have done, less than ten years old. :shock:

You sort of have to thank the not so good roofers for giving work to the good roofers. It’s a bummer when a home owner has to pay the second or third time to have it done right.

What gets me is roofs that leak after they were installed and the original roofer didn’t cause one leak in 15-20 years with worse shingles than installed the second time around.

Tore off a few 40-50 year laminate roofs last year and they are heavy and take up a lot of space in the dump trailer. Nothing like the space cedar shingles take up though.

The new GAF/ELK’s are ok but there are other great 30 year laminate shingles on the market.

I did quite a few houses after the hale storm that were only ten years old and had rotten wood under the valleys’. Instead od placing the first shingle under the valley they just went over it. These were 60 to 70 square 12/12’. and really cut up houses ,all the valleys were done the same way. Thats why I don’t do new work, contractors will cut you out for a couple dollars a square but its all about the money anyways, quality is second. :slight_smile:

Not all contractors are like this, find the good ones.

New work here has all but come to a screeching hault, and what is left is being consumed by the mehikinz…for 25.00 square for any pitch. The builders could care less for quality.Homeowners care just a little more and are more apt to pay more now than to pay later for the same job to be done properly. I sell myself as a professional installer of a quility product that I can stand behind. The builder only wants the cheapest job w/the fastest installation , so he can get a bank draw, And move onto his next victom…

My builders still pay what I want for the new stuff. Very few new houses are being built though. One builder who used to build 20-30 homes per year hasn’t dug a hole in a year. Another builder who built 30-50 homes per year has built two homes in the past 10 months. They have however gotten into additions and remodels. The first builder has been around since 1978 the other has been around since the early 90’s. Both are very well known and respected as building top notch homes.

What is strange is the little builders are doing more work than the larger builders. One guy has built 5 new homes in the past 10 months and has bids out on 5 more right now.