30-year roof falling apart after 5 months

I paid for a brand new 30-year roof 5 months ago, and it’s already falling apart. A picture of a shingle that came off is attached. The stick on the back says “PX A50093.” Do you know who manufactures this roof? Is this type of shingle truly the type of shingle that is built to last 30 years? I paid a lot of money for this roof, and I’m trying to gather some facts at this point.


You mean the shingles are blowing off? If so its likely the result in poor nailing (too high or overdriven).


The nail holes, as Island noted, are visible above the double thickness and it looks like there are only four of them. Also by your time frame given it was installed in November/December? No seal down happening then. Are you in a high wind area?


IKO. It’s a straight cut dragons tooth. It’s the old firehalt design.


Yes, the shingles are blowing off.

Yes, we are in a high wind area - out in the country in the middle of South Dakota.

@rooferama - Thank you. Are IKO shingles good quality? Is this type of shingle designed to last for 30 years in a high wind area?

This is what the back of the shingle looks like that blew off.

I’m sorry to tell you IKO shingles are not good quality shingles and wind is their biggest enemy. They have always had a terrible seal down and are known for blowoffs.

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Its far more of an install issue than material issue. Any shingle will blow off if they aren’t properly fastened and weather is too cold for them to seal down. And there aren’t any standard shingles on the market that i would be confident saying will last 30 years anymore. I’d expect 20 is more accurate, maybe 25.


Assuming they had few roofers ,find paid inspector and request to look up each side nailing ,it could be couple sides were nailed like this by single roofer which would mean you will get more blow offs down the road.
My guess is your roof was installed by underpaid crew which leads to cutting corners.i was semi hack when started subcontracting,because I couldn’t afford stay more than single day on project.
In your case ball in your court.pull that contractor and redo whole thing if nails misplaced.


It appears all the nails missed the double thickness of the shingle.
This nailing area is ridiculous small
Just like most of the other manufactures.

Atlas, Malarky and i hear Pabco have an appropriate size nailing area.
Owens Corning duration says they do, but they dont.
But at least with owenscorning, if you miss all the double thickness of the shingle,
It still wont blow off. It is great in that aspect.
It will just leak if you put it on a low slope roof.

Totally agree with high nailed and installed when the weather was too cold so the adhesive strip never activated and sealed. I’d be going back to the installer and demanding a new roof. Was there a hail storm in your area and it was done by a storm chaser?

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High nailed. That’s standard application for gun nailed shingles, in my experience. Brag about how many SQ an hour you can put on and void any warranty in the process. Did the roofer give any shingle or labor guarantees? If so, they owe you a roof…

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Thank you for all of the comments. Here is a picture of the placement of the nails of the shingle that blew off. Is this consistent with the conclusion of the high nails?image

Tbh that’s better than I expected to see. In a perfect world all the nails would be in the white line, but I see far worse on a regular basis. They could be overdriven though which is also bad. You want they to be flush with the shingle not penetrating it. I can see at least one nail is.

Was it just the one shingle blown off? If so i’d just have them come out to replace it (standard and easy thing to do). Tell them your concerns about their fastening of the shingles and see what they tell you.


@IslandRoofing - Thank you so much for your guidance. I am very pleased to hear that the possibility exists that the shingles are of decent quality, and there may have just been a single shingle that was nailed incorrectly. It is only that one shingle that has blown off. We’ve heard strange noise coming from the roof every time we experience high wind and perhaps it was all coming from that one shingle that finally blew off. I’ll be listening closely next wind storm and will also take a look to see if any other shingles look like they’re coming loose. Thanks again.

I live in Canada and iko are everywhere, they are half decent and the cheap guys love em
If that’s typical nailing on your roof you should be fine.
I have been on iko roofs I did when they first went to fiberglass around 2007, and they are holding up fine.
If you got a decent batch and they stick when it warms up you should be fine

Second nail from the right is a leaker. Let’s assume that is the only one…

nails look too close to keyways if thats a side wall mansard type roof they require 6 nails per shingle placed properly

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