2 ?'s do you always chg drip edge on new roof/ loose stones

buyys is having a new roof put on and they are not replacing the drip edge, is this common practice ? He said the Ice and Water goes OVER the drip edge.

Next ? is why do I always see loose sones in my gutter . I dont see alot of bare spots just some very small areas where the algee was but it seems there are always some loose stones in my gutter.

My roof is 12 yrs old

Do i always change evedrip?

No, i do not.
Every house, structure is different.
80% chance i do change it out though.

If the evedrip had been somewhat recently painted to match the house, Its better to keep that drip because the new drip will not match right.

If my evedrip is going to clash with the house color
and the evedrip is already painted to match the house?
I keep it. Which ever makes the house look better.

If gutter spikes are nailed though it everywhere like crazy, I’ll want to save the evedrip.

Usually i disagree with the color scheme of the last roofer/homeowner so i would be tearing it off.
I like my evedrip to trim out my house. I like for them to look good. So if i think the house will look better with new, i replace it.

Flat systems? yes every time. The way we attach flat systems to evedrip is different than to shingles.
You would just have to paint it yourself if you didn’t like one of the premade colors.

Houses pretty close to the oceon, metal will rust.
I use thick guage aluminum on those jobs.

Granules in the gutter? I say normal. Its probably got some time left.

We always replace the drip edge, without exception.
Some regions don’t even use a drip edge.
Drip edge is functional (in my area), and inexpensive.
Why not replace it?

Ditto That.

I would always replace metal on a re-roof. It makes the job look cleaner and, after all, you are installing a new roof which calls for new metal.

Granules in the gutter are very common. Excess granules fall off of the shingle during the first rain storm and for the next 100 years or so (well, ok maybe not that long). After a period, hopefully at the end of your warranty, the granule loss will cause UV degredation of the shingle and they will fail. If you look at the shingle and see bare asphalt, time to replace the shingle.

ok but he shouldnt have to remove the gutters IF they chg out the drip right ?? The gutters are attached to the fachia with a gutter apron and hidden hangers so it SHOULD be fine right ??


no he shouldn’t have to remove the gutter to install the new drip edge metal.