#2 "final invoices" with 2 different amounts

Ok so i got a new roof and gutters. I got an invoice 2 to 3 weeks after saying i owe $6,662 I sent them a money order for $6,670. A month after that

i recieved a 2nd invoice for an additional 306.49. Im wondering is this even legal? Both are marked final invoice and no dates have changed. To me they are adjusting my final invoice to whatever they want. I had other damages that insurance paid me for. I had offers from other companies to where id be able to keep $700 for myself. I told this company if they do the job for 6700 or under they can have the job. I felt they had put hours into working with my insurance and were owed a little extra maybe not 700 worth but whatever i just wanted it done at that point. About 1 month after job is completed and paid state farm calls me up and said they made a mistake and are issuing me another 300. I specifically asked if i owed that to the roofer. State Farm said your deal is with the roofer and in no way has anything to do with us. If i paid them the agreed price i had with them then i can keep the money myself. Obviously the roofing company found out about state farms mistake and raised the final invoice amount over a month after my 1st final invoice and almost 2 months after the job was completed. So am I being a jerk here? Im an HVAC Tech if i screw up my quote we have to eat our loss. If i changed an invoice 2 months after the job was completed id be fired immediately.

Did the roofer file a supplement with the insurance company? Did they have something in their contract about supplements?

I will call and ask. What i do not understand is job was completed i was invoiced paid the invoice then received a new one a month after 1st invoice was paid. Can they turn in a supplement 2 months after the job is completed? I emailed state farm to ask if one was filed.

Yes you can file a supplement later on after a claim is closed.

Alternatively your roofer could have filed a supplement right away but it took State Farm a while to process it. Sometimes the insurance company will send a depreciation check and then a third check which covers the supplement at a later time. I usually let my customers know what supplements I file with their insurance carrier so that when they get the money they know it is owed to us. Even if your roofing company did not let you know they filed a supplement it was most likely paid by the insurance company because your roofer sent them the appropriate paperwork and photos to justify the bill.

Does contractor should have that in contract in written ?

Was your agreement for a set amount or was it for whatever the insurance paid? If the former and there wasn’t any additional out of scope work, you don’t owe any more. If the latter and a supplement was paid, you owe the money.

Damn it Authentic! You’re using former and latter verbiage with roofers. You made me have to think and it’s after hours!

Tileman, the way I see it, if they can’t follow my paragraph, they’ll never figure out how to get paid correctly.

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I agree but I’m more worried about ME following it after a drink or two.