1st call back ever!

I replaced a roof for a friend last year. Typical job. Full tear off. When I re-nailed the plywood,it seemed fine,no visible damage,just the typical warping that comes with (real) plywood. He called me about a few areas where it looked like the shingles were lifting up.(no leaks)just looked odd. When I got there you could clearly see the rows of plywood were coming loose.Lines every 4’ across the roof. I took up 4 rows high by 4 shingles wide to find that the (real)plywood was no buckling in between the rafters and ripping right through the new nails…delaminating,and thicker than originally observed. I asked him about his heat source…Found that he added a non vented Propane fireplace and had exaust fans installed in 2 2nd floor bathrooms. This is the cause of all the issues, because he has no attic access the fans are exausting right into about a 3’ high area where there is no access…Sault box style home. The areas where it is worst are directly over the bathrooms.
I can’t believe that there is this much damage in just 1 year…He was planning to add more soffit intake ventilation when he could afford it.(He also re-painted the soffit and fascia, and the paint totally clogged the little intake he had) Now he has to pay me to do full tear off, including plywood, and soffit and fascia job…Wood soffits are now hanging off,and wood fascia is popping loose up the rakes.I re-nailed the fascia when I did the roof too.
This is a real eye opener for the area that I am in…Non vented propane fireplaces should be outlawed! And people that install bathroom fans that don’t exaust out of the house should be put out of business…

Good observation JW. Nice work determining the problem.

There is a lot of humidity content with those Non-Vented Fireplaces.


Thanks Ed… I had seen this on another house that I did with a buddy of mine,after I did that job. We tore of shingles, to find soaking wet plywood, and rafters were waterlogged…Full re-frame of entire roof,new insulation and all. He had a drywaller come in to do the interior work…5 yrs after propane was installed!

I have seen this as well. You can get a vent kit at most lumber yards with the flexible duct. from the roof you can attach it to the bathroom vent and connect it to a roof vent for that purpose. When you acccess the attic space from the roof is a good time to assess it for proper insulation as well.

key phrase.
a roof for a friend.
seems like evrything that can go wrong will,
when doin roof for a freind.
things that usually work, dont.