1st approved replacement


Last week, I had insurance approve my first roof replacement as a PM. I’d appreciate any/all pointers and advice pertaining to professionalism, quality assurance, homeowner interaction, insurance supplementation, etc. Thanks in advance!


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There’s a few things as this is a broad question…1st never expect the insurance to pay you what the jobs worth, they purposely leave out items hoping you don’t catch it or complete the job for that costs they allotted on their scope of work. They will tell you starter and felt is in the cost of the shingles but its not. its a separate line item. also know what the codes are on the homeowners policy bc alot of times there are exclusions for overhead and profit and code upgrades like decking. always get items approved before starting the job if you’re going to supplement so you’re not left with the costs. I always explain the process of the insurance to the company. also if you can get an aoi contract so you can talk and deal with the insurance that helps alleviate stress from the homeowner. good luck i would recommend reading previous posts on this site as well as adding roofing and claim forums on your fb.


Do searches here. There’s a number of informative posts or threads that will answer what you’re looking for. Iconroofing is correct, it is highly unlikely the IC paid what they should and you will need to supplement. We supplement over 90% of the roof replacement claims we work on and average increasing the claim by over 20%.


Thanks y’all for the responses even though this is in fact a very broad question. All advice already offered has helped. I guess I’m most curious to hear some advice on interacting with homeowners, as I am already learning about supplementation with Xactimate and confident in the quality of our roofs.