18 year old roofing company?


Hello I just turned 18 years old and I’m wondering if I can start my own business for roofing?can I get my roofing contractor license at 18? I will just be putting my name and info but my dad and his crew will be doing all the work he has been always a subcontractor. If so where do I start where do I go what do I need to do thx



Licensing varies by state, where are you located? There is no age restriction. Here in pa anybody who wants to become a contractor (weather they have a clue what that are doing or not) can become one fairly easily.

I was license and insured at your age as a gc at your and gave it a try for a while before realizing it was alot easier working for somebody else.

Best advice I can give you in today’s world if you are looking to get into the roofing business is to hold off. Go work for a larger roofing company and learn sales and how things work for a few years. The hardest thing at 18 is finding homeowners who have confidence handing 10-20k to someone so young. Not trying to discourage your ambitiob, but in the past 10 years so many “contractors” have been popping out of the woodwork the hardest thing to learn is how to put your business ahead of the competitors.



If your dads been roofing for years, why can’t his name be on the license? Your taking a lot or liability,even if he’s handling everything.

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you will need traing from mark my guy or me i would give you some tip over the phone 216-701-2630



In my experience anytime someone tries to get someone else licensed so they can do their work it ends badly, ESPECIALLY with family members involved. I got my license at 28 and am SO glad it didn’t happen earlier. I probably would have screwed it up badly and had to dig out later. Go piece work for someone and learn the ropes. The crew you build later will have more respect for someone who has been where they are and not someone who just built a company from their office.

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