1/3 Is this acceptable repair to rotting fascia caused by a leak on edge of roof

Thoughts on this repair of leak at edge of roof causing fascia to rot. First time owner of roofing company saw finished job was when he showed up at 8AM to collect check.

Pictures shows finished work product.

Water is still pouring down over shoddily replaced new fascia. No 1X2 finish trim replaced. Missing not in new facia board looks real nice. Nice cut on the corner of replaced facia.

Biggest concern is the uneven piece of wood he put on the roof. it higher than the plywood roof.

Should I be concerned with this $1,400 job.

Pathetic. Wrong material size. 7/16 OSB on the existing. 3/4 on the new plank. This is a leak waiting to happen. Hire a professional roofer.

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I love how he used the wisk broom to hide the rotten wood he didnt replace
While using this picture to show the homeowner that he replaced wood.

Hire a roofer. This is not a repair job, and I pride myself on making diamonds out of dogshit! The existing roof is shot. The flashing on the left is cobbled and will leak. You hired a con man…….