Xactimate Line Item - Tricks and Tips for working with Insurance companies


Hello, I came across this site while searching google for certain line items that are present in Xactimate. I happened to come across some threads on here and found quite a few line items I could and should have been using but did not know existed. 1 such being “Roof Access” (extra charge if you cant get the dumpster close enough to the house for tear off). Unfortunately, I cannot find this line item in the online version of Xactimate 28. I wanted to start a thread to see more uncommon line items you guys are using that I may not have thought of and how much success you are having with them when it comes to the insurance companies approving them.


I think it would be great if everyone could post as many line items as they know about. It’s like they try to keep the supplements a secret. :wink:


There is no such line item as roof access. You can however use Roofer or Roof Labor line items to add hours required due to access limitations. You can also simply create a USR (custom user item), describe your charge and put in your own dollar amount.

UOENO, I agree. Why don’t you start with your items? If you go to the Business Category and do a search, I wrote several lengthy, detailed posts on supplementing.


One thing I have been doing is negotiating claims using the 2015 IRC. You will definitely run into many situations where a roof will not be up to code and (by law) the insurance company must pay for these upgrades. I mean after all, we can not very well break the law now can we. :sunglasses:


A good example is any chimney measuring larger than 30" perpendicular to the ridge is required to have a saddle or cricket.


As far as line items. A lot of people don’t know about Cornice returns and cornice strips. I can’t remember the code but…


Unfortunately, not that many municipalities have adopted IRC 2015. Not even 2012. That’s the year they started requiring drip edge. The insurance only has to pay the code items if the policy has Ordinance and Law option. Most do except for a number of smaller ones and Allstate.