Wrong Shingles on the roof


I’m new to the forum and I’m not a roofer…

My father changed the roof in April this year due to some storm damage. He went for the best option that the roofer offered, which was Landmark TL. My father just found out that the shingles that the roofer used was Landmark premium. What is the difference between the two in terms of durability, life of the roof, etc? Since he has paid in full already, what are the options? He thinks that if the roof is good enough quality, he’ll just want compensation rather than a redo. My father paid a little over 12K for this, but what would be a reasonable compensation amount? Do we have any negotiating power since he already paid in full?

Also, he plans to stay in this house as long as he is in good health. So far he is. But of course there is a little possibility that he may need to sell in a few years, depending on the situation, since my sister and I both want him to live closer to us.

On the other hand, my father did file a claim with the insurance company at that time and the claim is already closed. The insurance company paid for the whole roof even though my father submitted the receipt with the upgrade. If he gets any monetary compensation, does he need to return it to the insurance company? What would be our best option here?

My father just called the roofer company and the front desk said that he will get a call back soon. The company seems to be a reputable company locally, but it would be helpful for us to know what a reasonable solution is first…


The TL version costs more for material, the Premium version is an excellent product but it sounds like you paid for the next step up and didn’t get it.


Thank you for the reply! Any difference in life expectancy, warranty, durability? Tips on negotiation and the best option?


They are equivalent products as far as how long they will last & weather.

You could call your local Roofing & Siding supplier and ask the how much each cost, without checking I’m guessing that the TL version is at least $20+ more per sq than the Premium for material.

The TL version is probably a special order item as well which may be the reason it wasn’t installed in the first place.


At least in my area TL no longer avalible as of about 6 months ago, that is when they started bringing landmark preminum into our area at pretty much same price. Both great shingles, premiums are easier to work with imo.


first of all you dad did not pay anything out pocket the insurance company did he got free roof should be happy dose it leak was it installed correct


That is not true that dad didn’t pay anything. He paid for homeowners insurance for years probably before he was able to file this claim. Doesn’t give the roofer the right to take advantage of him.


In my opinion a contract is a contract. If the roofer is going to change a shingle for any reason, i.e. Availability, it is the contractors responsibility to inform the home owner and have then sign a change order, even if it is for no change in price. Just good business practices and also covers your butt down the road.


It’s not just your opinion that is literally the purpose of a contract.