Will insurance pay for roof when snow caused structural damage to second floor?


Heavy snowfall caused my second floor walls to buckle out. The attic joists run in the wrong direction. After filing a claim with insurance, they paid for gutting, re-aligning the walls, and adding collar ties to hold roof in place. Once this was accomplished the walls started to pull apart again. The contractor noticed the roof has four layers of shingles (and only two are permitted; I was not aware when house was purchased). Will insurance pay for this additional cost of removing and replacing shingles?


Only if your roof shingles were damaged. Once they are damaged, the insurance company must, by code, pay to remove all of the layers of shingles. But if the roof isn’t damaged, they aren’t going to pay for it.
If you walls are buckling in, again, I’d go after your contractors liability insurance. He obviously isn’t doing something correctly to repair the damages.