Why is it so difficult to find good roofing contractors


I have a single family home in Stockton, California and am having difficulty finding a reputable roofing to re-do its composite shingle roof. The couple of quotes I received have no or very brief scope of work with cryptic part numbers.
Any advice is appreciated.


A lot of contractors obfuscate the materials and labor from their quotes to stop potential customers from giving out their pricing to competitors. It doesn’t make them, bad contractors. Some contractors will buy their competitors quotes from potential customers to get the competitions rates and cost. Nothing sucks worse than doing all the work to deliver a great product/service just to have your competition copy your quote and under cut you by a couple hundred bucks.


That would be so disingenuous. When I was seeking contractors to install solar PV system at my home, I knew which components I wanted so I had many contractors bid but didn’t share bids with any. What I did share (without naming contractors) was the lowest price per DC Watt. I was fortunate that my chosen contractor delivered quality services.