Who can spot the bad venting issues


I’m not a professional roofer. I found this on a house I own. Even I can spot a problem with this roofing and vent install. I thought I would share. The vent was added and the roof re-done right after hurricane Ivan. I’m planning on replacing the whole roof soon.


Looks like the turbine is not level,
But that could just be the camera angle.

But i am assuming you are disliking two different venting types being used in the same spot?

Personally i dislike the turbines because they do sometimes leak, can get noisy, and are an eyesore from the front of the house.


I agree with roof lover, anyone that has turbine vents has a bad venting solution in place. Adding another vent at a loiter elevation just exacerbated the problem.


The old turbine vent should have been replaced with the newer vent or ridge vent. Mainly because of the reasons you both mentioned. The turbines may work but can leak and are an eyesore. The vent below the turbine mostly exasperates the cooling problem on a windy day. The turbine is supposed to pull air out. With the vent below it, the air is being pulled in the lower vent, then right back out through the turbine.


1st off that roof dosent have adequate roof top vents even if the louvered vent is an active vent with a powered can, each section of roof should have at least 1 vent per every 5 square ,that turbine looks to be dead in its tracks due to burned out bearings from not being leveled out ,you may be spotting the lack of ridge vent as well but I personally stay away from ridge vents and Turbines, we can see you don’t have enough roof vents so yell is how many square inches/feet of sofit venting you have? Without a working sofit vent system the roof vent systems are damn near useless .


On the presumption that both mediums work within their design parameters then the turbine’s performance, which is mono directional (flow one way) is going to be dictated by the pressure responsive unit acting as an intake vent therefore short circuiting the intended function which is to vent the volume in the roof.
You never use two different types of vent to vent a roof unless the ingress unit is well away from the unit being used for egress