What's the better shingles to use


Hi everyone I live in Queens New York and have a 60 to 70 year old slate roof on my house that I think is coming to the end of it’s life, we can’t decide what brand of shingle to use GAF or CERTAINEED or if we should upgrade the shingle to a more expensive grade within these name brands, we want to use something that’s good for heat and cold, can someone please help us with these choices thank you guys.!!


Certainteed, Malarkey, & Owens Corning.

IMO GAF makes low quality material that usually costs the most and fails the fastest, they have a super slick marketing department and a bunch of lawyers though.


Are you sure that your slate roof is nearing the end of its life? Many slates can last much longer than that. If it is simply just needs a few slates replaced a good slate guy can fix them and it will probably still last longer than a brand new asphalt shingle roof. Most roofers just don’t have the knowledge to do so and they would rather just sell new roofs. Post some pics if and we will offer our opinions.


If the choices are between gaf and certainteed I would go with certainteed all day long. The landmark pro is a good shingle for only a small price difference over regular landmark. They recently replaced the landmark TL with the landmark premium which is a heavier version but a heavier price tag. If you are looking for a real upgrade, and a slate look the grand manor is a fully double laminated shingle and in my opinion One of the best, longest lasting, time proven, real “lifetime” shingles out there. We have been putting them on since they came out and when we go back to do other work on those properties the shingles still look great.


Owens corning have their sample shingle in their website. You can choose between good, better and best shingle-category.


I am with Island Roofing here. Slate roofs have close to a 100 year life.


Some slate can last hundreds (yes plural) of years.


Boy this is a loaded question. You’re now going to get everybody’s opinion on every single that was ever made and they’re all going to base it on their mini mini years of experience . Lol. They are virtually all (asphalt shingles) made from the same basic materials most of them gets her granules from the same place there fiberglass mat from the same place they’re made to the same ASTM standards so really it’s how the company that makes it stands behind the product that makes the difference, along with the contractor that you use his relationship with the manufacture and how he stands behind his work


Why not go back with slate? It’s far superior to any asphalt shingles, and much better in not transmitting heat and cold. The last virtually forever, but Are hellaciously priced! Or how about a concrete tile roof? Almost as good as slate not nearly as high priced! The slate roof that you have on your house now is the top of the line in roofing products, and asphalt roof is the bottom of the food chain, there is nothing below it. It’s kind a like what the hot Rod guys say, “speed costs, how fast do you want to go?”. In other words generally you get what you pay for, long lasting efficient roofing products cost more than one is the don’t.