What's going on here?


Can someone tell me what’s going on here?



Three layers of comp? Metal installed incorrectly.


This is a brand new roof. They installed 3 layers? and tell me more about the metal please.


It looks like they tried to seal the edge with silicone and it is separating.



It appears that you have you have chosen a budget roofer and expected quality work. Very common issue we see in our business.


This is not three layers. I suspect since its closed valley that there is one layer used under valley. I can’t see anything on the drip that’s wrong, but can’t see much of it in this picture. What part of this is bothering you?


This was not a budget roofer. The job is $45k. They are just lazy. This whole side will have to come off. Its waving and apparently they tried to glue it or something.


45k! How big is your roof?


My house is 5000 SF there is roughly 90 SQ on the roof.


see why I am irritated?


I’m no pro but am dealing with results of slacker roofers/“project manager” who just wanted to get the job done as fast as possible - and it’s crazy because it would have only taken a little longer to do it right.

Could be layers are starter strip with two layers (exposed and covered part of shingle). I think should have 1/2" to 1" of overlap, but many do 1/2" on rakes with drip edge. I like to see 1" overlap because with thicker architectural shingles, they won’t “droop” down to form a drainoff slope after they heat up (my Durations didn’t).

I can’t tell, but is there any overlap at this rake edge? Could be none and they tried to seal it to stop water from wicking in.

$45K sounds high but it looks like you might have a steep roof and with 5K sf may have a lot of valleys, gables etc… along with cost of tearing off the old roof.


Thank you for the info. We do have several very steep areas and lots of valleys and ridges. The work was sloppy and fast. Unfortunately, … I do agree if they would have just had a supervisor here and taken their time they would have been done and it done correctly, and they would have made more money. I’m not going to pay for sloppy work, I just can’t do it,