What Shingle Manufacturer is the most reliable and trustworthy?


Aside from rebates I am sincerely interested in everyones thoughts about which shingle is best for the homeowner? What manufacturer offers the best warranties?

Please tell me your thoughts.


My experience with GAF has been horrible. Owens Corning mediocre at best. Tamko has been very good. No experience with Certainteed, Atlas or anyone else with respect to warranty.


Tamko has a good warranty but GAF shingles look way better if you are installing a 30 year. Install 2 roofs side by side and the GAF shingle blows the others out of the water. Thats what Id install on my roof.


GAF shingles do look good I will readily admit that, until the granules wear off which starts before the package is even opened.

IMO and experience GAF is one of the lowest quality shingles on the market but they have a very large marketing presence, they also have the lightest weight shingles on the market.

GAF & IKO are the only shingles I have personally seen that have blown off a roof when properly applied.

The best shingles available in my area are clearly Certainteed, Owens Corning, & Malarkey.

Compared to these 3 the others just aren’t very good.

One thing I always like to remind people of is that GAF stands for General Aniline & Film, they are an old German company who made stuff for the war effort.

One of their most notorious products was a pesticide known as Zyklon-B.

Is GAF reliable, ethical, & trustworthy?


Any thoughts on Atlas? Warranties?


I don’t deal with shingles much but when I did Tamko was in my mind the best.


In reality the shingle manufactures warranties are not that dissembler when you get to the fine print. Who is necessarily better depends on the market that you’re in. If you’re in a market that has a very good rep for that manufacture they’ll stand behind the material better than a market that has a lousy rep.
As with all manufactures warranty, the big type giveth, the little type taketh away.
In our particular area Tamko has the best Rep, and therefore in our opinion is the best. In other markets it’s far different.



Years ago GAF actually legally changed their name simply to ‘GAF’ doing away with the abbreviated G.A.F. Which did stand for General Aniline Film Corporation. In the early days of GAF they were more of a diversified chemical company. GAF manufactured film and the chemicals to process film. I don’t believe GAF was ever a German company though, they’re as old as Coca-Cola, and have manufacturing history in the US making everything from asbestos siding to filtration mats, and even paint and ‘shoe glue’ at one point. Today GAF is focused on the residential and commercial roofing products most people associate with GAF.

GAF is only one of a handful of worldwide brands and companies that is under the parent corporation called ‘Standard Industries’

My advice would be to work with the reps who take the best care of your needs. Good reps won’t leave contractors and owners hanging.


A Subsidiary of IG Farben is how General Aniline & Film came into existence