What do roofers do in the winter?


Most of the roofing pros I know in MI and the north switch to plowing.


Winter roofing can be dangerous. Slippery or damaged surfaces come with inherent risks. Ice dams cause additional complications. Projects in the winter can take longer, and some teams don’t have the manpower to dedicate to these installations.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen when working in dangerous conditions. Unless you’re experienced with working on slippery roofs, it’s best to hire a professional for all winter repairs and replacements. It’s important to ensure that you hire an experienced roofing contractor. Don’t always go with the lowest bidder and understand what your insurance will cover.

It can be helpful to ask your roofing contractor about the team’s experience in cold months. Many contractors even carry smartphones with pictures of recent projects; ask to see examples of the team’s work.


We don’t consider cold temperatures to be ideal for roof installation, but sometimes it is necessary. When done properly and by experienced roofing contractors, roofing in the winter can be done successfully.
Some products require specific weather, but generally speaking, 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above can work okay for roofing. As home contractors, we prefer temps around 70 degrees for effective sealing. But, we can work around those challenges, when necessary.

Home contractors should have the experience to recommend when winter roofing is unsafe or less than ideal. If you’re concerned, inquire about the specific materials being used on your project. Most roofing supply companies have websites where information can be verified. Ask the contractor for brand and style information, then do some quick research.


We roof all year round in Knoxville, TN. Thanks to bad weather, our Knoxville roofers have a job all year round. We offer “Emergency Roofing in Knoxville” and that will bring in some clients. We don’t have very many people around Knoxville who are looking for roof replacement in the Winter, but there is typically enough repair work to get us through the winter months. http://mobleybros.com/


Winter has its own challenges! Most of the bad weather happens over the winter months so there’s a lot of preparation and repair jobs to do, sometimes even major repairs if a roof has collapsed due to heavy snow. A lot of people don’t take the necessary steps to check and prepare their roofs for winter (if you’re wondering, here are some key inspection tips)

Due to these weather conditions it’s also necessary to take more care when working on slippery roofs and use your own professional judgement to decide when it is unsafe to work. In the UK most of our winter weather is just cooler conditions and rain so it is a bit easier to work through the winter months.


Before I retired my 30 to 40 man crew worked 12 months a year ,the only time we had off in winter was directly after a big snow dumped a foot of snow on the job & we had to wait a week for the buildings beat to melt half the snow off ,I’ve installed type 3 hot asphalt and coal tar pitch roofs in -10 weather and spray down asphalt built up roofs in -20 weather .


For us, this is a good time to reset. Do maintenance to the vehicles, etc. Since it is a long season, a lot of the guys want to take time off to relax before the next season starts. Whoever is available to work, we still do some roofing when weather permits. We try to book up siding jobs and send whoever is left to do siding through the winter.


For the first month and a half I decompress and enjoy the lack of stress. After that, the cabin fever starts to kick in and if there is no snow on roofs in need of repairs I’ll go take care of them. Other than that, i make changes to our website, make sure all web listings are in order, and focus on building relationships with local property managers.


Make money. It’s year round.


They come to Florida to work for us during the winter