What can be done with this gutter?


When we get heavy rain the spout from the upper roof “overwhelms” the capacity

of the lower gutter and downspout and water pours over the edge of the gutter.


Upgrade to 6in commercial sized gutter and downspout.


Thanks- What would need to be done to this drain to handle the 6’ downspout? There is about 9’ feet of copper downspout and 18’ of copper gutter gutter. What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay for this work to upgrade to the 6"?


The spout is already 3x4 that doesn’t need to be replaced. I would just replace the gutters with 6".


Copper will be pricey, and maybe hard to source depending on your location. But like MPA says, you should be able to reuse the spout and save some $.


What about a diverter? Or a splash guard on the gutter?


what is a diverter ? do you have a picture? Thanks


Is it actually overflowing or is the water just flying past it?
If it’s just flying past it, you could just get the pipe extended into the gutter. Make sure the pipe doesn’t go all the way down, so there’s plenty of room for leaves and junk to evacuate.
A splash guard could help as well.